Historical Novels

List of Historical Novels by Century

Yourcenar, MargueriteThe Memoirs of Hadrian.  A bit dull but interesting historical novel about the Emperor Hadrian (117AD – 138AD), the 3rd “good” emperor of the Silver Age of the Roman Empire (98AD – 180AD). 

Sidebottom, Harry, Warrior of Rome, Part II, King of Kings. The Warrior of Rome series takes place in the turbulent mid 200’s – a “murky” place in history and not well documented. The second book in the series – King of Kings – documents the the campaign and siege of an eastern city on the frontiers with Persia – something which Gavin Kelly (see below) feels is suspiciously reminiscent of Ammianus Marcellinus’ detailed description of the siege of Amida 100 years later (in the mid 300’s).

(see review (of the 2nd book in the Sidebottom’s Warrior King of Rome series) in Gavin Kelly’s blog – ausonius.blogspot.comhere (scroll down to “Harry Sidebottom’s Ballista”))
Vidal, Gore – Julian (1962) – A brilliant historical novel of the last pagan emperor of the Roman Empire.  It is dramatic, interesting, occasionally salacious and historically accurate.  Comparable to the historical novels of Mary Renault.
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