We are 2 guys, Ken and Mark, who are passionate about History and like saying so in public. Loudly. and often.

History consists of the hundreds of millions of stories of the individual lives of men, women and children. The fact that we have only collected a bare fraction of all the stories and that most of them are of political, religious and cultural elites means that history will be (probably) forever shrouded in mystery. That is one reason it is so fascinating.


  1. Just reading Gibbon all the way through, on a long slog – found your comments on Warburton, as I’d just read the footnote on ‘Julian’s secret intentions’ and was trying to find something better than the wretched Wiki article that you rightly dismiss. (Oh isn’t Gibbon feline – licking his whiskers but with blood on his claws!) I’m looking forward to using your excellent site as an accompaniment to my read-through – adding a little context.

  2. Hello,

    Just want to say how much I enjoy your comments on Gibbon.


    Shane Solow

  3. Hey, I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and have been blown away. Amazing stuff. I dabbled in ancient history many years ago while at school, only to let that slip to the wayside. I see that you have temporarily suspended posting. I hope that you both can pick up the thread this fall and continue to post. you have a fantastic site. I would hate to see it not reach its conclusion.
    Thanks for a most interesting morning.

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