Posted by: ken98 | October 22, 2012

Out To Lunch – Be Back Soon

Day 1136 – Ken here (M)(10-22-2012)

Out to Lunch

Rare historical evidence of the existence of a Late Antique Monastic Meal Breaks – image from a page of the Liber Exlunchialis


Out To Lunch With Gibbon – Or Without Him

For the holidays, and maybe a little while after, we’ll be taking a brief break from the exciting world of Gibbon’s Overview of Arabic History. As I’ve said before, we’re probably a month or two or three away from getting back to Roman History – but we’ll get there, I promise. Although, at the rate I’m writing it will probably be 2015 – but eventually we’ll get there.

And, after reviewing my last few entries, I see I seem to be settling down into a kind of comfortable, consistent, incoherent babbling. Maybe a little less words, maybe a little more editing is what I need to put my energies into. Taking a break might help.

And I have to learn to fall back in love with Gibbon, so I can enjoy the last 700 pages or so of this long, long ride into the 15th century. Enjoy it, despite the fact that I think Gibbon, at this point, feels the Decline and Fall has turned into a sort of never-ending nightmare for him – and endless, nearly thankless task. But we will see him through until the end, and at the very least we can cheerfully accompany him down this long slide into madness and pain and loathing as he enters the Early Middle Ages.

So, I’ll take this opportunity to breathe, refocus, re-energize, and re-think my constant whining and complaining about Gibbon. There actually is a lot of interesting stuff to cover. I’m sure of it. I know it’s there. Just have to give Gibbon a chance.

and with that it’s…

Hasta El Gibbon, Dudes and Dudettes out there – – –

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